Geese vignette


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kneedeep 014 by tam_and_john
kneedeep 014, a photo by tam_and_john on Flickr.

When I take the secret paths of deer and walk through hidden glades and bogs . I steal a moment of quiet beauty.

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geese vignette



“To see a World…


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imageI really couldn’t tell you when I first heard this passage.

I  swear it has been with me all my life. I still gawp and cry at the beauty of world around me. I am humbled and yet I feel comfort from this.

One of my all time favorites.  One of  many that I enjoy from William Blake.

Working on Today


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I keep reminding myself its the journey not the destination. To be mindful and aware of the day that is here and not ruminate about the past or have angst and anxiety over the future. I know, simple stuff. But this isn’t rocket science people. Pay attention to your todays and the tomorrows will take care of themselves. I also remind myself I am striving to be my best me, not anyone elses. I am doing this for me. You have to take care of your own happiness. Its nobody elses job and lets face it. No one wants to hear a moaner, groaner or lifes not fairer. Did I just make up a word ? Oh well, like I said Im doing this for me.

If a horseshoe presents itself. I think its bad luck to leave it.

If a horseshoe presents itself. I think its bad luck to leave it.


In Honor of our service men and women.Past and present


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“I am a revolutionary so that my son may be a merchant and his son a poet”

John Adams 2nd president of the United States of America

Sacrifice, and service,  these are words  that are contrary in our self serving  day and age. Yet there are those that still do what must be done . A thread of steel lines their backbones. As they rise to do what others can’t or won’t . I am so greatful and thankful for our Soldiers. and the families of soldiers. Past , present and future. Everyday of the year.